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How eyelashes should NOT to be extended !

This is the eyelash extensions in most english beauty salons for 15-20 pounds in time 20-45min ... hands fall :(
Dear Ladies ... This is not the correct technique of volumetric eyelash extension ! This is a tragedy!

 Why ?
Here are the reasons :
1. Each tuft of lashes was glued to several natural lashes - effects ? In a few weeks the client will lose most natural lashes, because it will tear each other during growth. Note... that it's painful !
2. At the end of the procedure all the lashes are glued together ( 15:36 ) - effects ? See above .
3. Stylist has dirty hands and tweezers ! This may cause eye infection .
4. Destroyed manicure ... no comment.
5. The client is in full make-up - the risk of infection.
6. Petal is dubbed incorrectly - gel affects to the eyes ( 9:26 ) - the risk of acute eye irritation and allergies.

This is NOT a technique of volumetric eyelash extensions - these are ordinary TUFTS , which should be adhered to the SKIN with a suitable glue. Bonding tufts on the glue to the eyelash extension is a complete thoughtlessness, lack of imagination and I don't know what else ... :( Shown treatment can be at most comparable to the method of Blink & Go (weekend lashes), tufts done to make it faster. However, this method is highly invasive, and therefore it made ​​lashes must be removed after a maximum of 7 days!

Volumetric technique(2D, 3D, 4D.... 7D) , is much more COMPLEX , METICULOUS AND TIME-CONSUMING (120-180min). But it only gives you 100 % guarantee for painless , lasting effect and health of your natural lashes .

This video shows how eyelashes should NOT be extended !:(

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