niedziela, 30 marca 2014

Correct eyelash extension procedure

And here's an example of how it looks correct eyelash extension procedure. 

In the video we see the method of 1:1 (mascara look) performed by my instructor. In case the client has about 150 natural lashes on the eye, treatment time is about 1.5-2h for the 1:1 method . In the case of volumetric methods of treatment time increases. 
In general, the rules insurers are the same: each natural eyelash must be separated from the other, and then stick on to her synthetic eyelashes (one in method 1:1, two in method Volume 2D, three in method Volume 3D, etc.). Eyelashes done this way are long lasting, completely painless for the client, do not make any discomfort. 
A huge advantage of this method is the fact that in contrast to the eyelash weekend (Blink & Go) do not need to be removed after 7 days. You can wear them constantly, provided refilling every 3 weeks. Well-made eyelash extensions is completely non-invasive and safe for your natural lashes.

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